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6 Months'
Learning Journey
Learning Mode


The Human Resource function has swiftly evolved over the last decade and in the wake of the ongoing pandemic, finds itself at a very challenging and opportune juncture. The HR function is now tasked with a range of new responsibilities like repurposing and remodelling the organization to ensure higher growth, perfect new ways of working, build critical skills to be future-ready, manage the expectations of a diverse workforce, shift from managing employee experience to managing the life experience of their employees, transition from designing for efficiency and productivity to designing for resilience in addition to the traditionally defined HR roles.

In this context, the expectations from the across mid to senior level HR functionaries have significantly increased. The HR Leaders of tomorrow are expected to be a broad-gauge business executives who will not only lead HR but will give critical inputs to shape business strategy issues across the enterprise.

The high-impact HR Leaders must possess the following critical capabilities:
  • Strategic mindset, strong business acumen and adept at business strategy development
  • Change and transformation management including digital transformation.
  • Clear understanding of Board governance
  • Functional Leadership
  • Cater to the needs of the external and internal stakeholders
  • Shaper and driver of Culture and Purpose

In the above context, organizations are grappling to develop and impart these key skills and competencies to nextgen HR functionaries and urgently need a go-to intervention/ learning journey to develop and strengthen the HR Leadership pipeline. In this context, leading CHROs and very senior HR professionals from India Inc. have come together, under the aegis of the CII – Centre of Excellence for Leadership, to develop a comprehensive learning journey that imparts cutting-edge learning to develop the HR Leaders of the future.


By the end of the programme a successful participant will be able to:

Develop the mindset, skillset, and toolset to generate value and stretch boundaries to meet the Board and CEO’s expectations towards preparing the organization for the Future of Work.

Understand the changing dynamics of “Work”, “Worker” and the “Workplace” and manoeuvre people processes to position the CHRO role as that of an organizational leader and influencer.

Influence the Board to implement the Strategic HR Plan/roadmap for a breakthrough by leveraging commercial savviness and clear ability to anticipate future for the business.

Have enough familiarity with new age domains like Data Analytics, Neuroscience, Design Thinking, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and be able to leverage these to drive effective and efficient human resource strategy.

Develop a perspective of driving engagement by understanding the big picture, need for nimbleness of action and drivers of optimizing the HR capabilities.

Display maturity and credibility to lead by example - become an effective agent of Change and brand ambassador of the organisation.

Gain an understanding of the levers available to HR for the critical role that it plays in building and institutionalizing organizational culture

Components of the Initiative
Blended Learning

Combination of Live online instructor-led sessions, guest lectures by industry practitioners and self-paced e-learning across all modules, to bring practical examples and build perspectives around various concepts.


Extensive use of online Simulations and Gamified learning environment to improve stickiness of learning and enhance learning effectiveness. Interface with very senior CEOs and CHROs from India Inc.

1-1 Coaching Sessions

With seasoned CHROs, Business Leaders, Industry Experts and senior Certified Coaches. Coaching sessions are spread across the entire 6 months learning journey and is integrated with platform based IDP tracking.


Peer-to-peer learning and Networking during the programme. Opportunity to be part of the prestigious Programme Alumni Network after the completion of the course.


Gain Actionable Insights through Hands-on Project and Real-world Case Studies

Assimilation Checks

Integrated assessment followed by individual report sharing at the end which will help participants to track their learning effectiveness


Receive a Prestigious Certificate of Completion from CII based on multi-component assessments.

While the 6-month learning journey will be conducted online almost fully, the journey will start and
end in the physical mode (one day for each occasion).

Scope and Design of the Learning Journey

Knowledge & Frameworks

Through Self Study, Instructor Led Sessions, Case study Discussions etc.

Changing Contextual Appreciation

Through Leaders Speak, Webinars, RoundTables etc.

Perspective Building & Personal Evolution

Coaching, Expert Interactions, Individual Mentoring etc.


Through individual projects and deep discussion with industry leaders

Skills and Behavioral Shift as possible outcomes

Through continuous assessments and the entire learning experience.

The Learning Journey

Module-wise Programme Coverage

The programme will span over 6 months & will focus on developing
4 Core Role Dimensions of the CHRO viz
  • Context Setting and Expectation Capturing
  • Build appreciation for Business Economics :- How sectors and industries are doing & The Factors impacting Business
  • Identifying the linkage between Business and People Strategies
  • Gaining insight into the CEOs' expectations from their CHRO.Insights on what is a CHRO's role in future organizations.
  • Develop Business and Financial Acumen
  • Design Thinking for HR Leaders to drive efficiencies of all people processes
  • Developing Strategic HR Plan for a Breakthrough / Transformational Org Live Project
  • Change Leadership. Focusing on Big Structural changes like Mergers & Acquisition, relooking at the banding structure etc
  • Individual Coaching Session -1
  • Talent Management to Solve Organization’s Human Capital Challenges
  • Senior Executive Compensation
  • Legal Compliances Framework-Navigating the Emerging Needs of the Industry
  • End of Module Assessment
  • Individual Coaching Session -2
  • Closure with Insights
  • Context Setting and Expectation Capturing
  • Gain understanding of Future of Work
  • Building Agile Organizational Culture with Digital Leadership
  • How is Gig Economy impacting workforce strategies
  • Hybrid Working-Managing the Culture, Motivation and Ensuring Regulatory Compliances
  • Organization Design including that of the HR Organization
  • Managing the Talent Pipeline
  • Succession planning for Critical Positions
  • Individual Coaching Session -3
  • Institution Building
  • Understanding the role of CHRO as a Culture Steward
  • Facilitating Creation of the organization's Vision, Mission. Embedding Organization Values in People Policies and Practices
  • Incorporating Real life Diversity & Inclusiveness Practices at Work
  • End of Module Assessment
  • Individual Coaching Session -4
  • Closure with Insights
  • Context Setting and Expectation Capturing
  • The Evolving Concept and Benchmarks of Employee Value Proposition
  • Gain insight into Drivers of Employee Experience
  • Leverage New Age domains like Data Analytics, Neuro Science & Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, NLP for People Processes and Employee Experience
  • Assessing & Improving Business Performance & Rewards Strategy
  • Individual Coaching Session -5
  • Understanding Innovative Practices/Processes for being a True Employee Champion
  • Developing HR Capability to Harness Digital
  • The Silent CompetitIve Edge - Employee Wellbeing and their Mental health
  • Diving into the Voice of Employees & Know the Pulse of your Organization.Insights into Available Options
  • End of Module Assessment
  • Individual Coaching Session -6
  • Closure with Insights
  • Context Setting and Expectation Capturing
  • Executive Presence for Influence in the C-Suite
  • CHROs' take on the Board and CEO’s Expectations.Balancing being a Business vs People's Champion
  • Successful Influencing Strategies for CXO and Board level
  • Corporate Governance and structure
  • Individual Coaching Session -7
  • Gaining an Understanding of the Challenges of Managing Leadership at the Top. Focus on Effectively Navigating the Power Landscape.
  • Develop Personal Leadership through Coaching - Focused on Influencing at the Board and CXO Levels
  • Build Industry Networks and Connects to leverage it for Knowledge, Mobilisation , Brand Building & Social Causes
  • End of Module Assessment
  • Closure with Insights
  • Individual Coaching Session -8
USP's of the Learning Journey

The design is conceptualized by leading CHROs of India Inc. with a practitioner’s orientation and will be conducted as an experiential learning journey over six months.

Multiple learning methodologies to strengthen learning impact.

Will be facilitated by High Quality Faculty members including industry practitioners and eminent academicians from business schools of high repute to ensure both rigour and practicality resulting in a world class learning experience.

Every participant will have an experienced CHRO as an executive coach who will anchor their learning journey throughout the programme.

Participants will also have an experienced CII Business Leader to mentor them as they apply their learning at work.

Provides the convenience of a two-way interactive phased learning with a live faculty as well as self-paced sessions and activities and reproduces the rigor and assessment of classroom learning in an Executive Education environment.

The Architects

Programme Directors

Programme organised in association with:

"Think Talent Services is a leadership development and talent solutions company. It focuses on helping organizations and business leaders address emerging people priorities. Their solutions are built on principles of simplicity and practicality, creating meaningful and personalised development experiences for participants. The unique solution model combines top quality content, technology platforms, programme management and user experience design.

Think Talent Services supports organizations in areas of Talent Assessments, Capability Development, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching and Career Management solutions across industries and levels."

Convenience of learning:
Target Participants
  • High-potential HR functionaries with at least 10 years of HR experience who are ready to assume higher positions in the HR function of organizations.
  • Mid-Senior HR functionaries in Small and Medium Enterprises looking for a holistic understanding of effective HR processes and practices.
  • HR functionaries interested in understanding strategic decision-making and related business outcome processes.
  • Business Heads and Organisational Development leaders keen on improving the company’s Human Capital Strategy and aligning it to the business goals.
  • Senior Managers or leaders from other business functions aspiring to be pursue a career in HR in a leadership role.
Programme Registration Process: